Author: nsynes

New website

I’ve created a new website which provides information on builders and building companies: This includes background information, and evidence of review practices used by specific builders.

National trail and multi-day hikes

Hadrians Wall Offa’s Dyke Thames Path Cotswold Way South Downs Way Dartmoor through hike Northumberland Coast Path Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path

Online Face Recognition and Gender Representation

In a previous post I talked about a locally installed facial recognition tool that I developed for a client who wanted to generate statistics on gender representation in linear TV. My client’s analysis using this tool has now been featured on The Influential Women Podcast, and Times Radio. I have now developed an online version…
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Climate matching web app

As part of my ongoing work with Forest Research, I have created an API wrapper for the desktop-based climate matching tool I previously developed. I also designed a new web-based user interface which is hosted by Forest Research at The user interface was developed with responsive design patterns so it is equally easy to…
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Facial recognition

I have recently been designing and developing a facial recognition and clustering tool to help a client generate statistics on gender representation in linear TV and online streaming services. The system detects and clusters faces in videos (using a deep learning convolutional neural network model), allowing the user to classify each person and generate statistics…
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London Recycling

In 2018 I contacted my local council (London Borough of Hounslow) to request more bags for household recycling. I was living in a flat, and Hounslow recycling policy at that time was for residents of flats to use purple bags for general waste and clear bags for mixed recycling. I was told by the recycling…
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Activity mapping updates

I’ve been making some major updates to my activity mapping project. It remains a pet project that I plan to continue updating in my spare time. Originally it was a simple jQuery front-end, with a NodeJS Express back-end that handled authorisation and calls to the Strava API. The mapping just showed all of an athlete’s…
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UK Food Hygiene Ratings Web App

A while ago I was horrified to find out that some of my favourite local restaurants have terrible Food Hygiene Ratings. Since then my wife and I have been obsessively checking hygiene ratings every time we go out to eat, invariably narrowing our choices. The UK Food Standards Agency provides a web page to search…
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Climate Matching Tool

As part of my work for Forest Research I developed a Climate Matching tool to identify regions that are climatically similar to a reference location. This was part of a wider project to identify regions globally where forest reproductive material may be suitable for adapting forestry to reduce the impacts of climate change. The tool…
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UK Government Petitions

The UK Government and Parliament Petition website provides the British public with the ability to obtain government responses on issues they care about. All petitions that surpass 10,000 signatures receive a government response, whilst those that surpass 100,000 signatures are considered for debate in Parliament. The government has made all petition data available through an…
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