Tag: React

Activity mapping updates

I’ve been making some major updates to my activity mapping project. It remains a pet project that I plan to continue updating in my spare time. Originally it was a simple jQuery front-end, with a NodeJS Express back-end that handled authorisation and calls to the Strava API. The mapping just showed all of an athlete’s…
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UK Food Hygiene Ratings Web App

A while ago I was horrified to find out that some of my favourite local restaurants have terrible Food Hygiene Ratings. Since then my wife and I have been obsessively checking hygiene ratings every time we go out to eat, invariably narrowing our choices. The UK Food Standards Agency provides a web page to search…
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UK Government Petitions

The UK Government and Parliament Petition website provides the British public with the ability to obtain government responses on issues they care about. All petitions that surpass 10,000 signatures receive a government response, whilst those that surpass 100,000 signatures are considered for debate in Parliament. The government has made all petition data available through an…
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